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Saving A Roman Temple

Vault634 - Saving A Roman Temple

The Lehigh Valley Trust Building Will Find New Life As Allentown’s Premier Event Venue

“With the current revival of downtown, it is a building worth saving.” – Frank Whelan, 69 WFMZ Contributing Writer

Mark and Zachary Jaindl have an eye for beauty when it comes to architecture. They’ve vested themselves in numerous notable building projects that have been restored into some of the most gorgeous properties in the Lehigh Valley. So when they saw  The Lehigh Valley Trust and Safe Deposit Company building available for purchase it was an effortless decision.

The stately facade and 19th Century opulence was only the beginning. Writer Frank Whelan of WFMZ wrote an incredibly detailed piece with a deep exploration into the history of each significant embellishment in the DNA of the Vault 634 architecture. The incredible design history of the building revealed that not only was it built with remarkable attention to detail, but with the literal inspiration of Roman culture making Vault 634 a true work of art.

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