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Connecting with Millennials when Planning Your Corporate Event

Vault634 - Connecting with Millennials when Planning Your Corporate Event

Millennials, Your Corporate Event and the ‘FOMO’ Epidemic

According to research millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, put strong emphasis on nurturing social corporate responsibility, place higher worth on experiences over material things, and spend more time building social communities than any other generation ever. That being said, with all of that emphasis on building connections it makes complete sense that the “Fear of Missing Out” or FOMO epidemic is all too real for millennials. According to a new study by Eventbrite, 69 percent of millennials experience FOMO when they can’t attend something that their family or friends are going to. “For millennials, FOMO is not just a cultural phenomenon, it’s an epidemic,” the report reads. So, for a new-ish generation that isn’t completely understood just yet, how do you plan a corporate event that appeals to the discerning millennial?

First, relax. Keep in mind that there are considerations when planning a corporate event that includes the millennial generation among the rest of your attendees. Easy peasy.

1. Leverage ‘FOMO’

Events are a dynamic collaboration between a great experience and the potential for some really good interaction. 79% of Millennials feel that going to live events with others helps deepen their relationships, and 69% feel attending events make them feel more connected to other people says a survey by Eventbrite. So, the environment that large events produce creates a desirable venue for millennials to be drawn to. In other words, if you build it they will come! However, defer to both #2 and #3 to keep them there.

Concept: Since we know millennials love grand experiences. Give them an affair to remember. Don’t forget a swanky signature cocktail or some visually enticing glitz in the decor.

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2. Be Real & Be Available

Don’t try to get one over on millennials. Be genuine in your marketing approach when planning for millennials as they tend to decide where the value and brand connection engages with their personal lives, and how.  Social media is a key communication outlet today for millennials. They want to be engaged and they want their responses quickly. Make sure you are clear on how they prefer their communication. ie: text, IM, email, phone calls.

Concept: Create an Instagram hashtag for an event and let millennials share their experience when meeting the CEO or that amazing speaker. They want to be able to show their friends via social media that they were a part of a unique event and interesting conversations.

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3. Personalization is Key

Millennials want their events to be, well… Theirs. There is nothing cookie cutter about this generation. Give them a blank canvas that will allow them to visualize their perfect event and offer out of the box encouragement for their vision, no matter how wild.

Concept: DIY Signature Cocktail – Fill mason jars with dried rosebuds, attach a tag with a signature cocktail recipe and send guests home with some happy hour inspiration.

Photo credit: Manvi Drona-Hidalgo