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What’s the deal with the “Naked Cake”?

Vault634 - What’s the deal with the “Naked Cake”?

You’ve probably heard the saying “the icing on the cake”, right? Well what if there is no icing on the cake?

That’s pretty much the essence of a “naked cake”. Instead of icing on the outside of the cake, it’s simply between the layers, hence creating a the naked appearance. These have been popping up all over the internet as the trendy new way to serve cake at your event or wedding and we can totally see why.

Naked Cakes

The style offers a unique way to stand out from other cakes and totally falls into suit with the sudden resurgence of laid back and rustic weddings.

Obviously the cake and icing flavors are still customizable as is what the cake is adorned with.To fall in line with the primitive aesthetic of the cake, most bakeries suggest accessorizing the cake with fruits and berries which adds a little extra something to the flavor. Another option is to use flowers and plants, such as succulents to top the cake off. Check out the examples below… would you prefer a traditional cake or do you love the naked cake?