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Vault 634 | Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016

Vault634 - Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016
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With 2016 in full swing and wedding season just around the corner, now’s the time to take a peak at some of the wedding trends we think will be making appearances this year.  We rounded up the best trends from go-to online wedding resources like,,,, and so on, so you don’t have to!  We’re looking at 10 more reasons to get excited about your Vault 634 Wedding!

Bridal Separates:

Bridal Separates - Vault 634

A huge shift this year is to fashion forward bridal separates for both the Mrs. To-Be and her bridesmaids. While a wedding dress in two pieces usually screams ‘boho bride’ many designers are now creating stunning gown separates that will definitely NOT make you think of Bianca’s prom dress in 10 Things I Hate About You. Some brides are also opting to dress their bridesmaids in separates as well to create a unique look that gives their friends two great new pieces they can actually wear again and again.

Dramatic Beauty:

Brides are always looking to wow their guests. While in the past brides have changed from a ceremony gown to a reception outfit they’re now also changing hair and make up to play up the drama of the transformation.  Subtle ceremony makeup gives way to a glamorous reception look only enhanced when the reception is held at an equally dazzling venue.  At Vault 634.

Broaches in Hair:

Broaches in Hair copy

One way to add old world glamour to your bridal look is to opt for a vintage inspired broach in your hair. While some brides will choose a broach in place of veil there is no rule saying you can’t have it both ways!  A broach can either enhance the look of a veil by holding it in place or replace a veil when you move to the reception.  A broach can also provide a little extra sparkle when you’re going for an otherwise toned down look.


Gone are the days of blue and purple lighting. Now brides are going for brighter lighting schemes to highlight all the work that went into creating the event!  Upon full build, Vault 634 will boast three Hess Chandeliers and 900 square feet of back- lit Victorian glass on the ceiling. Vault 634 is currently working with lighting specialists (Beam, Ltd.) based out of Philly to ensure pure lighting perfection.  Brides won’t have to worry about guests missing any details or looking washed out on their big day!

Classic Cocktails:

Drink Lineup copy

His and her cocktails have certainly had their time in the sun but wedding trend forecasters are expecting a move away from specialty cocktails this year. There’s been a popular resurgence in classic cocktails like Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Mint Juleps and the like that will probably make their way into 2016 weddings.  While personalized cocktails are sweet, nothing screams glamour like a Martini.

‘90s Playlist:

For a generation that grew up associating Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration” wit Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, and plastic blow up saxophones, the 80’s party playlist is out. For those who choose a DJ over a band, the 90’s playlist will dominate in this and coming years.  This generation of brides and grooms will choose the songs of their childhood to get their friends out on the dance floor.  Nothing get’s a whole squad of girlfriends dancing like the Spice Girls.

Make a Grand Exit:

Dramatic Exit copy

We all know the scene, the bride and groom hopping into their borrowed convertible with ‘Just Married’ scrawled across the back and tin cans clanging down the road. Well, it isn’t just for the movies anymore.  The Grand Exit is making a comeback.  Now, brides and grooms make their getaway at the very end of their reception as a way to keep guests engaged and to cap off a perfect night.  This looks different for every couple, but sparklers, streamers, candles, and even bubbles are huge right now.


In the age of Pinterest, everyone and her mother (literally), have tips on how to make their wedding look like what they see on their screens. But with so many people angling to get the perfect Pinterest wedding more and more brides are coming up with special ways to really make their wedding unique to them.  This is a great opportunity to let your personality shine through and add touches that only you could come up with.


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