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In the Details: Bachelorette Party

Vault634 - In the Details: Bachelorette Party

We’ll say it time and time again, every party comes together with attention to even the most minute details, the things that will make your guests say, “Oh I never would have thought of that!”

It’s simple to just browse the “Bachelorette Party” aisle at your local Party City and pick up everything you need, but thinking a little bit more outside the box can go a long way. Thankfully, we’re going to do some of the thinking for you, giving you just a few ideas of how to throw your girl the greatest (at least the prettiest) Bachelorette Party possible!


This is your time to go wild with the bride’s best girls, but that doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm the party with only phallic memorabilia. A few kitschy items are great here and there, but sticking to girly, fancier decor will allow the focus to remain on the blushing bride.

Bach Decor


It’s a rare occasion when girl time doesn’t include noshing out on delicious food. This is no exception. The difference is, now there’s a theme and you can go all out with it.

Bach Food


Obviously this category was coming. Just like with food, we can’t stress our love for themed cocktails enough. Curate one specific to what the bride typically drinks and set up a big batch for everyone! Also, shots.

Bach Drinks


Not every Bachelorette Party requires a special outfit, but it sure makes for awesome pictures. Whether you customize clothing specifically for the party or opt to wear coordinating outfits, it’s the perfect excuse to go all out!

Bach Outfits


Err from the same old and bring in some cute, fresh ideas for everyone to participate in. They don’t have to be anything elaborate, just something to get the party started and keep your friends laughing!

Bach Activities