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5 Favorite Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Vault634 - 5 Favorite Flowers for a Spring Wedding
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  1. Peony: The delicate peony is a great place to start as there are many varieties of this lovely flower to pick from.  With its pastel shades ranging in availability from the typical pink, to yellow, to even purple or blue, you can achieve the timeless look of a peony bouquet while still expressing your own personality (and color scheme!).
  2. Ranunculus: There’s nothing like an eye-catching Ranunculus to add some dynamic texture to bouquet.  The ranunculus can be found in vibrant hues that compliment its tissue paper like petals.  These can be combined with peonies for an eye catching mix. If you’re a DIY kind of bride, these blooms are pretty easy to recreate in felt for a unique and allergy free arrangement!
  3. Spring Wildflowers: What’s a better symbol of Spring than the resilient wildflower? Wildflower bouquets have been surging in popularity with recent rustic wedding trends but can even add a little local flavor to a more formal gathering.  And don’t think you have to go out and pick these yourself, there are wildflower farms across the country that will make sure you get the bouquet of your dreams!
  4. Hydrangea: The hydrangea is an excellent low cost option for adding instant elegance to a wedding party.  Simultaneously delicate and robust, hydrangeas can create volume in your arrangements or can be used alone for an understated sophistication.  Find them in white or choose to make them your ‘something blue.’
  5. Clematis: An underutilized bloom, the clematis is an excellent choice for any wedding day floral arrangement.  Looking much like what you might produce when asked to draw a flower, this unassuming pick is a lovely way to add simple beauty to your look.  Choose a pastel option for a graceful bouquet or one of the bright purple options for a bold statement piece.

BONUS: Try a Single Bloom Bouquet:

One great way to make your bouquets stand out is to replace the collection of small blooms in favor of one, bold, flower.  Large flowers like the Magnolia, Dahlia, or Proteus are particularly striking when carried alone.  Wrap the stem in ribbon to have a daring yet graceful instant bouquet you’re unlikely to see again!